Who is TMG?


TMG is a national full-service general contracting firm specializing in the construction of branded retail projects for clients that require reliable delivery timelines and cost estimations. They regularly navigate the world of retail centers, malls, main shopping thoroughfares and mom and pop locations; always delivering the highest level of craftsmanship regardless of the complexity of the projects


Our main goal has always been to provide our clients with quality construction and services that they deserve. We maintain the highest standards of efficiency and courtesy with every project to ensure that we meet and exceed all your expectations. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of workmanship, business ethics and practice. TMG works and delivers excellent results via lump sum contracts where specific timelines and costs are determined up front and are also capable of delivering the same high-quality results in a Construction Management ‘CM’ format.

At TMG, we believe in efficiency and determination in accomplishing our projects for our clients. From high-end retail stores to luxury residential apartments, we create our clients’ visions and make them into a reality. Above all, TMG is known and appreciated for the careful attention and dedication paid by the principals of the firm. They are involved from the outset of the project to its final completion. This is what sets TMG apart and is fundamental to their growing success

TMG"S founders

Principals and Partners Bill Bennett and Martin Lazor are veterans of the construction industry.  Having spent the last 25 years perfecting their craft, they have created an organization that has become known for hands-on service and superior quality.  TMG takes pride in being a flat organization, without the multiple layers of management common in most construction companies.  In working this way, the principals are involved with every project which allows for quality, complexity and all challenges met.

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